Web and Logo Design

Debcom Software Pvt Ltd specializes in Custom Web design for various types of websites including Business sites (B2B and B2C), Sales sites, Blogs, Personal sites, Landing pages, Social Networking sites, Membership sites and a host of other sites in different domains for clients worldwide. We create unique, on topic, original web 2.0 designs that are robust, reliable, expandable, cross browser compatible, mobile compatible and SEO friendly. Our Web designs are optimized for web use, load fast and compatible in all major browsers and even handheld devices.

Web design is not just about looking good but stressing on the factors that will make your site work well. Usability, maintainability, layout, ease of navigation, choice of colors and typography for easy readability are among the most important facets of web site design. A professional web designer will not only design a beautiful site, but also follow best web standards to make it efficient in terms of usability. We underline and work on what is best suited for your website. We call it “Workable designs”. A web designer also have to keep in mind SEO best practices and has to maintain layout and markups in a way which can be easily read, understood and indexed properly by search engines.

Responsive Websites

In this modern age of smart phones and tablets, not only tech-savvy but even general users are increasingly using smart phones, tablets and other handheld devices to access the web. Web analytics show Websites are increasingly getting more and more traffic from handhelds and website owners are increasingly turning towards mobile compatible websites to cater to their increasing number of mobile users.

While mobile sites is one of the ways to cater to mobiles, but its is more cumbersome to maintain two sites one for the desktop user and one for mobiles. With the advent of Responsive design that solves the problem.

A Responsive Designed Website (RWD) allows the site to automatically stream a scaled/reformatted version of the site for mobiles and tablets

WordPress Websites

We are experts in Web design and development of Custom WordPress sites and have developed a wide variety of sites starting from sales pages to large CMS sites in WordPress.

At Debcom, our general approach to project starts with an in-depth review of your requirements and analysis of how a CMS like WordPress can meet your needs. Being experienced in WordPress we understand the intricacies of the system and evaluate the pros and cons of using WordPress for your site. We judge your given requirements to draw out the final plan on how to implement your system. Just stacking in more and more plugins/modules without consideration will make the site heavy, slow to load and difficult to maintain in the long run. Optimized planning and implementation plays a part in having a responsive and easy to maintain system for the long run.

Next, we start with design of the user interface of the system. Web design is not about just looking good but stressing on the factors that will make your site work well, Usability, maintainability, layout, ease of navigation, choice of colors are among the important facets of web site design.

Custom Database Websites

We are a design and development firm with extensive expertise in database driven solutions. We have developed several large and complex database driven systems and can cater to your needs.

We have build management systems, task tracking system, membership sites, contest sites, social networks as well as various other types of simple to complex database driven systems in the past and well aware of the challenges in such a project. We will use the LAMP stack and a modified multi-tier architecture to produce a scalable solution with clean and documented coding. We follow an Object oriented approach for logical separation of the system architecture and ensure modularity for future expansion. Coding best practices will be used to achieve efficient execution and code reuse to reduce future development times.