Policy on Iterations

11th Dec, 2013

For any Web Design and Development Process, its necessary for users and developers to work together and iterate on the design/website to create the perfect product for clients needs. While we appreciate the need the for iterations, for fixed bid projects we need to have some specific limits defined upfront so that both parties are in sync about what is being provided.

For any standard project with us the following is our policy on iterations:

1) Web Design: We provide upto 5 rounds of iteration on the design to perfect the design to your needs. In each iteration, we take your comments and suggestions and alter the design as needed and present it to you for further review.

2) Web Development: Once the site is developed, we host the site in our TEST hosting for you to review and send us any changes/corrections/issues before going LIVE. We provide upto 3 rounds of iteration on the developed site to carry out any corrections, minor changes(within scope) and to iron out any issues before moving LIVE. No further changes will be entertained after the site has been deployed in Live (except of any critical issue/bug fix)

Based on our experience, for 95% of the projects, the above iteration limits should be more than enough to finalize and freeze a professional website. But if you needs are different/more demanding/need more rounds of changes due to some reason, we will be glad to put in additional iterations at $40/iteration. The additional Iteration charge has to be paid before we start additional iteration.

An iteration is a bunch of changes/corrections sent to us together and on the same day so that we can work on them in one go. To make the most of an iteration, its advisable to review the whole site and prepare a full list of changes/corrections needed in a word doc (or excel file or even a text file) and send that to us. It can have as many changes as needed (may be 5, 10 , 20) and will be counted as an iteration. Please note all changes has to be within scope and all changes has to be received by us together (not over few days). For example, if we get 5 corrections/changes from you today and 5 corrections/changes from you tomorrow that will be counted as two separate iterations.

Content for all pages and sections of your site has to be provided by you. It’s advisable to have the final version of the content ready during design. If that’s not possible, please try to ensure that we have a version of content with us to fit during development of the site. Fitting the content in the site gives us a better feel of how the full site looks and helps us make any necessary corrections as needed.

Only one version of the content is to be fitted by us. If it’s a CMS site, you should be able to change/update the content from the backend. Please note: we are not responsible ongoing content updates to the site in future. Additional iterations will be $40/iteration

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